Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I have to fill out a Test Request Form just to get on the test schedule?


Pilot Examiners must receive an approval from the FAA to conduct a practical test. The approval process requires the information on that form.  

Since the weather is so unreliable, I would like to schedule several dates for the checkride.

Sorry, but I can only get 1 approval for you at a time. I try to limit the number of active applicants in my testing schedule to accommodate a reschedule within a couple of days if that becomes necessary.

What percentage of flight test applicants fail their test on the first try ?

The national average for failures is around 10%.  So there is a 90% chance you will do fine.

Should I look at the weather forecast for next week to decide which day to schedule my checkride?

You can do that if you like, but the reality is that any forecast beyond 24 hours out is pure speculation.


How do I know what to study and what to bring to the test?

The ACS (airman certification standards) will contain all the tasks you will be expected to perform. In addition, there is a practical test checklist in the appendix that covers all items to bring to the checkride. 

If I fail my checkride, do I have to wait a certain period of time before I can retest?

There is no required waiting period. You will need to get with your flight instructor for additional training. In addition, you will need to reapply on IACRA and receive an endorsement from your flight instructor. There is a retest fee. (see the retest fee schedule on my site)

My knowledge test expires in the next few days, if I do the oral portion of the test and discontinue due to bad weather will that extend the knowledge test?

Sorry, the knowledge test expires 24 calandar months after you take it. There are sometimes exceptions made for military service or government shut down, but those are rare.

Does my GPS database have to be current for an Instrument practical test?

Yes, if your aircraft is equipped with a panel mounted IFR GPS, it is required to be demonstrated and it MUST have a current database.