Test Scheduling Procedures


To set up your test appointment, please follow these steps:


1.  Complete your training.  You CANNOT be scheduled until you have completed

     all your training.   

2.  Have all log book endorsements completed by your flight instructor

3.  Complete your application on IACRA and submit it and have your flight

      instructor recommend you and submit it to IACRA. 

4.  Obtain and complete the "Flight Test Request form".  Please email it to me

5.  I will contact you with available test dates when they come available.

COVID 19 Testing Procedures

1. All applicants MUST be in good health with no exposure to anyone with the virus.

2. Applicant’s temperature MUST be below 100 F (you will be checked)

3. Mask MUST be worn at all times during the test

4. Aircraft must have been disinfected immediately before the checkride

If you do not comply with these procedures, your test will be cancelled and you will be charged the

$100 cancellation fee.

(Please note that my schedule is  booked 1 to 2 weeks in advance.  Weather is always a factor and further delays can occur.   I do not book out more than 2 weeks ahead to allow those candidates that are already scheduled an opportunity to get back on the schedule if a weather related delay takes place)